Our Stores

Throne Factory has three online stores, ThroneFactory.comThroneFactory.direct, and ThroneFactory.deals  We’d like to tell you a little about each, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

ThroneFactory.com offers super-fast delivery, as little as 7-days, with an option to Pay-Later with our financing options.  All ThroneFactory.com orders are stocked in our warehouse. 

ThroneFactory.direct offers amazing deals on pre-orders.  ThroneFactory.direct orders take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive and must be paid for upon ordering. All ThroneFactory.direct orders are manufactured and shipped from our factory in Indonesia.  While the prices on our ThroneFactory.direct website are tempting, we recommend that first time customers order from ThroneFactory.com, where you will receive your order quickly.

ThroneFactory.deals offers amazing daily deals and fast delivery with an option to Pay-Later with our financing options.  All ThroneFactory.deals orders are stocked in our warehouse. 

Whether you choose ThroneFactory.comThroneFactory.direct, or ThroneFactory.deals we hope you choose us!